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APLreads – Frankenstein

frankensteinSeveral of us are reading Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein this month – join us over in our GoodReads group to talk about the book or leave your thoughts in a comment here or on Twitter (use #APLreads).

Need a copy of the book? You can place a hold here or download an ebook copy or an audiobook copy.


Reading Music book group – October 15



Wanna Read with Us? Summer Reading and Beyond!

Reading Music_2013 titles

Keep your eyes on the blog – we have some great titles picked out for our Reading Music series, this summer and beyond!


Read with us in July – The Book of Woe

Read with us in July - The Book of Woe

In July, the Main Library Book Discussion will be reading “The Book of Woe: The Making of the DSM and the Unmaking of Psychiatry” by Gary Greenberg. Come talk about it July 17! Need to put a copy on hold? Click here.

Read with Me in November: In Cold Blood

A little more than 50 years ago this month, four members of the Clutter family were shot and killed in their Kansas farmhouse. Truman Capote’s book, In Cold Blood, chronicles the crime and its aftermath, including the criminal investigation, trial and later hanging of the men responsible. In Cold Blood is considered a classic of the true crime genre and one of the first examples of narrative nonfiction so popular today.

Click here to read an excerpt of the book; you can pick up your copy at the Main Library’s Circulation desk or reserve a copy online.

Water for Elephants: illusion and expectation

August tells Jacob, “The whole thing’s illusion, Jacob, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s what people want from us. It’s what they expect.”

Is it true, that there’s nothing wrong with that? Is illusion really what people want and expect from a circus? As the┬ánovel progresses, what role does illusion play, both in and out of the circus? What about illusion and the reader?

Water for Elephants: “the rules are different”

In the scene where Jacob sits on the grass with the rifle and August comes to talk with him about what he’s just done, Jacob makes the point that technically, he isn’t a veterinarian, to which August replies, “It’s just a piece of paper, and nobody here gives a damn about that. You’re on a show now. The rules are different.”

Are the rules on a show really different? How? Why? In what ways are they exactly the same?