Twilight: what’s the appeal?

Twilight’s appeal has bloomed beyond young adult readers to their moms and beyond. What is it about Stephenie Meyer’s book that resonates so strongly with readers? How might the appeal factors differ among teenagers and adults? Men and women?


One response to “Twilight: what’s the appeal?

  1. By coincidence, I happened to be listening to this as an audiobook (I was curious to see what the fuss–both negative and positive–about this book is all about). I’m currently on chapter 16 and don’t want to spoil anything for people just starting to read. I realize that I am hardly in the book’s target demographic (I’m 43 and a mom), but I’ve heard of women in my demographic who are charmed by this series. I suppose teenage girls might be be attracted to the idea of an obsessive kind of love. I find the dynamic disturbing, for reasons I don’t want to give away.

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