Spook: reading group guide questions

The publisher’s reading group guide for Mary Roach’s Spook has some great questions:

In Spook, Mary Roach explores a great variety of answers humankind has come up with to explain the soul’s destiny. Despite their diversity, do these theories reveal any universal qualities of the human imagination?

Roach encounters numerous researchers attempting to connect spirituality with material evidence. Isn’t the relationship between spirituality and physicality inherently antithetical?

In Chapter Six, Roach describes several skeptics’ schemes for trying to establish contact with the dead through coded messages established prior to subjects’ deaths. Can you think of a foolproof test for ascertaining a medium’s reliability?

Roach reports that our likelihood of believing in a given paranormal phenomenon increases with our intimacy with the source of the story, with family members proving most credible. Is there a lesson in this?


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