Baby Proof: discussion questions

Why do you think there’s so much discussion about women deciding to have babies or not? Does society look differently at women who choose not to have a baby versus those who cannot have a baby? Why? What can people do about it?

Is it fair to make “deals” upon going into marriage? How realistic is it to expect a spouse to hold up his or her end of the bargain?

Compare how Claudia thinks of her philandering brother in law versus the more forgiving thoughts she has about her best friend being the “other woman” in someone else’s marriage. Is this a double-standard? How much does the fact that Jess isn’t someone’s mother while Scott has three kids have anything to do with it?

Is Claudia being selfish? Is Ben?

What do you think of Ethan’s advice to Claudia, after she confesses that she really wants her huband back:

“You’d do anything to get a soul mate back, right?… I mean, that’s the nature of soul mates…. So if Ben were really the one for you, don’t  you think you’d go ahead and have his baby?”

Is his advice realistic? Why or why not? Do you think he’d give the same advice to a guy? Do you believe in soul mates? Would you be willing to do anything to get yours back, even if it meant going against a vow you’d made to yourself?

What’s your opinion of the book’s ending? What do you see in Claudia and Ben’s future?

How much of Claudia’s desire not to have children stems from her dissatisfaction with her mother? How have Claudia and her sisters each dealt with their mother’s infidelity and role in fracturing their childhood family?

Can you ever really “baby proof” your life? Or are there just different degrees of participating in the raising of children?


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