Wuthering Heights: romantic? worth it?

Libby Brooks, in the Guardian (UK) newspaper, calls Wuthering Heights, “passion and romance written like they ought to be.”  How much or how little do you agree with the assessment of Wuthering Heights as a great romance novel?

Stephenie Meyer’s Eclipse (the third book in the Twilight series) includes several references to Wuthering Heights, spurring book sales among today’s teens, especially in France. (Here’s a clip of Stephenie Meyer talking about Eclipse and Wuthering Heights — it’s about halfway through the clip.) What does this say about the staying power of Emily Bronte’s book?

Are you glad you read it? And why would you recommend (or not recommend) Wuthering Heights to others?


5 responses to “Wuthering Heights: romantic? worth it?

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  2. I read Wuthering Heights as part of my Enlish A-level, and when I first read it I hated it. I don’t mind the plot, the plot is beautiful and yes, I would say it’s a romance novel. But it’s just the way that it’s written that is utterly detestable.
    The second time I read it I found it a lot more easy-going.

  3. I am currently doing this for English Literature A-Level and I simply adore it! I read it this summer – before I even knew I was going to be studying it- and I loved it then but being able to study the different aspects of the novel has given me scope to love it even more. I believe it is a truly gothic romance which gives a whole new view to love, including how selfish it can be! I believe this book to be a lot more realistic in it’s portrayal of romance and love than many other romantist novels.

  4. I have just read it and I got to admit I like it, but, at the same time, I find it too unrational for moments. I am a huge Romantic and Victorian fan, but given scenes and behaviours were just too much.

    I can understand why Meyers used it as an inspiration, since it seems to fit the irrational and doomed but perfect love she describes in her Twilight saga. But, we must be fair and admit that Brontë’s story is much better than any YA, vampire-like fiction.

    Regarding the book, what I liked the most was Catherine and her complexity: she is cruel, lovely, kind and intolerable. All at the same time!!

  5. I would definitely reccommend wuthering heights to other readers. Although I personally find it very gothic and a most unusual but still incredible romance, others might not agree. However, one opinion that is universally agreed upon is that it is indeed the most intense, passionate and defiant piece of literature produced by any of the Bronte’s.

    It is rather annoying how Meyer keeps dragging in other classic characters like the guy from Mansfield park and the Catherine and Heathcliff. What is even more disappointing is that today Wuthering Heights (with a new twilight saga cover) is being marketed, not for its own genius, but as “Bella and Edward’s favourite book”. Truly disturbing.

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