A sequel to The Host?

In at least two instances (the scene where the souls are seen on the playground with the human child, what Wanda calls “the only hope for survival I’ve ever seen for a host species,” and the final scene where Burns is introduced), Stephenie Meyers appears to set the stage for at least one sequel to The Host. What do you think might happen if the story continues?


3 responses to “A sequel to The Host?

  1. faustine jeanlouis

    thats weird i was thinking the same when i reached the end of the book. like how their were other human groups hiding and the world is still invaded with souls or parasites makes it unending…that book can continue and still be interesting..b ut still i dont understand how it came to be an adult book..twilight has more sexual contents than the host …but this book kept me up all night…this novel is 651 pages and i read it in a day and a half it was magnificent..i was utterly speechless at the end of the book completely. so with out any hesitation im proud to say stephanie is one of my best authors of all time after edgar allan poe ofcourse…she amazing…WHOEVER DID NOT GET THE CHANCE TO READ THIS BOOK IS MISSING ALOT WHEN IT COMES TO BOOKS OVERALLL. writers must envy her she has such an imagination that just makes me wonder and want to know what she thinks about half of the time. this book contains alien life form in the humanworld and different species loving each other despite their differences

  2. I agree with Faustine, Stephenie Meyer is a fantastic author in her own way.
    As for a sequel for The Host . . . hmm. It would be difficult, such large possibilities and problems, where does the society go from there? Both the aliens and the human race have had an earth shaking revelation: humans are complex, beautiful and fierce beings that don’t need to necessarily be controlled, and the aliens aren’t the blood-sucking tyrants they seemed to be. What happens now? Does the group stay hidden and continue the life they have built? Does Wanda try to do something about the situation? Maybe Meyer could jump a few years or generations into the future and go from there.
    One thing for sure, a sequel would be a treat to read.

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