The Host: Sympathy with the invaders?

I’m about nine chapters into Stephenie Meyer’s The Host. So far, Melanie Stryder’s been captured and offered to the alien Wanderer as a host body. Commonly called souls, the aliens piggyback along humans’ central nervous system, subduing the host’s mind and living as the host did (think Invasion of the Body Snatchers), except in this case, something’s gone wrong– Melanie’s decided she’s not going anywhere.

How much, if any, sympathy do you feel for Wanderer? She’s clearly gotten more than she bargained for in choosing such a challenging host (a rebel human). She’s being pursued by the Seeker, another of her kind (think intelligence spy-type) interested in plumbing the depths of Melanie’s mind in order to locate any other pockets of rebels Melanie may have associated with. Judging from the actions of the Seeker, Wanderer’s kind may not be as kind and gentle as she’s always been led to believe. Does this make Wanderer as much a victim as Melanie?

In an interview, Meyer says, “Melanie is the victim—she’s the one that we, as humans, should identify with….” At this point in the book, which character do you identify with more, Melanie or Wanderer?


One response to “The Host: Sympathy with the invaders?

  1. I’m reading this now, and so far I’m most relating to wanderer. She’s very sympathetic, and for that is sort of cast out. In highschool, people don’t react well to those who go out of their “groups” and feel sympathetic for the “victoms”. (eg, bullied, made fun of, etc..)

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