Summer book lists announced

If you’re like me, you take the decision of what book to pack in your travel bag as seriously as deciding where to vacation. Choose one that’s too short and I run out of reading material before my vacation’s over. Pick one that’s too long and I run the risk of never finishing it when I get back and my reading time’s curtailed. And let’s not even talk about choosing a book that just turns out to be dull…

Anyhow, it’s June now, so summer book lists and recommendations are blooming all over. Here’s a sample– happy reading!

The New York Times Sunday Book Review has published its summer book review issue, with special sections on art and design books, cookbooks, travel books, and books on wine.’s got a list of fiction, nonfiction, and science fiction suggestions for beach blanket books.

Summer reads from the Wall Street Journal (spotlights nonfiction, historical fiction, world/contemporary, and short stories).

Find out what business school professors are recommending in Business Week’s “Reading List for the Poolside MBA”.

NPR’s Summer Books 2008 features Diana Abu-Jaber on “Three Books with Blood… and Brains,” the ten best cookbooks for summer, and nine debut novels. 

Salon’s summer reads spotlight killer thrillers and chick lit


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