From the silent screen…

If you’re interested in silent films and will be attending our film series (The Mark of Zorro is playing on Wed., Sept. 12), you may be interested in a few of our books too:

Alfred Hitchcock’s Silent Films by Marc Raymond Strauss
Who knew Hitchcock did silents? Not me. He directed ten films in five years (1925-1929), developing his cinematic techniques for later use in the well-remembered films like Vertigo, Psycho, The Birds, and more.

Stroheim by Arthur Lennig
UAlbany’s own Associate Professor Emeritus in the Art Department, Dr. Lennig examines the life and work of the great silent film director Erich von Stroheim (The Wedding March, Queen Kelly, Greed, La Grande Illusion).

History of Film by David Parkinson
This compact survey of film from it’s earliest form in moving pictures to world cinema in the 1990s is heavily illustrated with film stills and an extensive bibliography.


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